soft skills

are tomorrow's

hard skills.

Digitization is shifting the professional requirements towards the creative. Problem-solving competence, strong communication skills and empathy are the hard skills of the future. We will work with you to identify your needs and develop the curriculum for you in close cooperation. We think digital and analog offers intertwined and focus on minimal interventions, nudgings and gamification. Our secret success factor: Business creativity for team and customers.

Our offer

  • Meaningful personality profiles and a 360-degree assessment in our Escape Room.

  • Training units that swiftly show results and help creating a new mindset, step by step.

  • Events that encourage collaboration and establish peer feedback and learning. In a way that nobody wants to miss it.

Training Platform DOiT

With digitization, complexity is increasing and traditional methods from the old world are no longer effective. As employees evolve not only in hard skills but also in soft skills, the company's ability to drive digital transformation and innovate grows.

DOiT are short training sessions (micro-nudges) for everyday working life in order to playfully and continuously strengthen competencies such as creativity, communication or cooperation.

amuze Toolbox

The amuze Toolbox is an overview curated by us with proven, innovative ideas for museums - collected worldwide.

We scout the most interesting projects for museums around digital communication, gamification, events, mediation and other areas. With the aim that cultural institutions can reach more young people. Let yourself be inspired by good practices and start with our instructions, step by step.

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Fondazione Prada

We used the quiet time after the great success of the opening of the reconstruction in Largo Isarco in Milan in 2015 to come together with the management team of the museum. Our common task: to secure strengths, build on successes and strengthen the mindset for constant challenges. This means that the Fondazione Prada keeps a safe spot in the fast lane.

If you are interested in our strategy consulting, send us an email.

Gewerbemuseum Winterthur

Design is everywhere. And we love it. But what is the task of an “industrial” museum in the 21st century? To master the challenges of a complex world, we need materials science and process knowledge. Not only to show content, but to make it accessible and usable. In co-creation with the makers of the Gewerbemuseum, we approach this. No safety net and no double bottom - with a spirit of research and curiosity.

Picture: Gewerbemuseum Winterthur / Michael Lio

Stapferhaus Lenzburg

Outstanding exhibitions need outstanding administration.

The Stapferhaus Lenzburg has moved from its temporary location to an innovative new building right next to the railway station. This transformation had to be planned, accompanied and supported operationally, without interfering too deeply in the DNA. The growth along with the move necessitated new processes and tools, including IT infrastructure, finance and team organisation.

If you are interested in operational concepts, send us an email.

Picture: Stapferhaus Lenzburg / Anita Affentranger

Kunsthallen Zurich and Bern

Innovations and changes need a solid foundation. Major management changes require the involvement of employees in order to ensure the success of the company. In such transformation phases, we have successfully accompanied both those responsible and the employees closely and personally.

If you are interested in transformation processes in museums, send us an email.

Kunstmuseum Basel

When a house grows, the processes have to be adapted. In order to set up the expanded exhibition operations and to provide all visitors with an unforgettable museum experience, we have created a basis with the new operating concept to make a good start into the future.

If you are interested in process design, send us an email.

Picture: Kunstmuseum Basel / Julian Salinas

Cabaret Voltaire

Birthdays are a celebration. The Cabaret Voltaire has given itself a museum check-up. It is now well-prepared for the next 100 years with its updated key figures, a service portfolio adapted to the Zeitgeist, operational guidelines and our strategic recommendations.

If you are interested in a check-up, send us an email.

Picture: Cabaret Voltaire / Nicolas Duc