The digital transformation leads to disruptive changes in all areas: work, life, economy.

How can I make sure that we work together in the right direction to enable something new?

With our assessment and our team play to grow! workshops we offer support. The starting point is a joint game in the Art Escape Room.

Gamebased Assessment

In our assessments we measure resilience, interpersonal openness, willingness to learn, ability to cooperate and communication of each team member and thus the five skills essential for digitization.

They are identified as part of an immersive Escape Room game that simulates the demands of everyday working life. The game includes a team workshop with reflection, discussion and transfer exercises.

The assessment is led and supervised by trained psychologists. The assessment is based on the Zurich leadership model of the ZHAW.

Our Workshops

Radical Customer Focus

You experience how you can live radical customer orientation, implement it step by step and put the users with their needs at the center of your activities.

Concepts: Customer Journey, Personas, Empathy Map, Double Diamond

Creative & Critical Thinkings

You recognize the creative potential that dwells within you and how you can activate it. A key to more innovation.

Concepts: lateral thinking, innovation processes, artistic principles, neuropsychological fundamentals

Values & Culture

You experience what values ​​you already share in the team and what you are missing. Successful cooperation requires shared values ​​and binding rules.

Concepts: Team Canvas, Team Manifesto, Cultural Iceberg Model

Feedback Culture

You experience how the feedback culture in your team can be improved. Because good communication not only has a decisive effect on the success of your team, but is also important for motivating employees.

Concepts: Non-violent communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg, Johari window, SBI model, Radical Candor


You experience how to promote and maintain trust in the team. This creates a culture that allows opinion and thus brings the full potential. You do not achieve great things alone.

Concepts: Wheel of Trust, Function and Effect of Trust, Swift Trust