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We design the process!

Even we cannot read the thoughts and motivation of young people. However, we can create settings in which they share what they care about. This co-creative process helps you to better understand and activate your target group.

As an agency, we condense the statements and work with you to develop concepts with which you can achieve your goals. Our common objective: access to the next generation.


Our offer

  • Highly effective campaigns with co-creative content that catch your attention
  • Participative formats that affect your hearts and brains - sustainably 
  • Encounters and experiences which highlight and shape the identity of your brand. This is what other people call employer branding.


Pioneer project amuze

With the project amuze we turn museums upside down.

In a collaborative, iterative process, we develop innovative formats, projects and offers together with the people that are in charge of museums. Everything is geared to the visitors, especially the young target audience. What works well is pushed forward - what doesn't work is discarded.

amuze is supported by Engagement Migros.

Photographer: Mathieu Guirard

Art Escape Room

It is no coincidence that the amuze unlocked Escape Room is located in Zurich's heart for contemporary art, the Löwenbräukunst area. Our Escape Room combines the excitement and entertainment of a very popular team game with "art elements". Thus, the visit to our Art Escape Room opens up a new approach to art as well as fun for the player. At the same time, the concept for cultural institutions serves as a lab, in order to exchange ideas on how to convey complex content in a way that is relevant to the target group via emotional and playful touchpoints.

More information at: www.amuze.ch/escape_room

Art concept as employer branding

Cleverly used art in a corporate context can support personal identification with the employer and his values. In this way, art can not only act as a design element and branding to the outside, but also enable companies to enter into a personal and credible exchange with employees and high potentials via the participation platform. The art concept thus becomes a strategic differentiator on a labor market characterized by a shortage of skilled workers.

If you are interested in our approach to employer branding contact us.

amuze Toolbox

The amuze Toolbox is an overview curated by us with proven, innovative ideas for museums - collected worldwide.

We scout the most interesting projects for museums around digital communication, gamification, events, mediation and other areas. With the aim that cultural institutions can reach more young people. Let yourself be inspired by good practices and start with our instructions, step by step.

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amuze Pop-up Events

With our amuze pop-up events we attract young visitors to the museum and make them friends.

For one evening we stage the current exhibition for millennials together with museum professionals. Always with music, bar and fast & curious tours. We bring them to exchange with each other, but also in a dialogue with art.

Photographer: Nicolas Duc

Impressions of the events