We talk to the young target group. And to you, whether you are a museum or brand. And achieve your goals by opening your doors further.

With these services we support your work:

  • We make razor-sharp analyses and user-centered concepts so that your offers and processes also fit your young target groups.

  • Develop, analyze and optimize business concepts. Administration ensures freedom. That's what we believe in and that's what we work on together with you. From the creation of operational concepts to organisational development.

  • Market-driven product innovations. This requires courage, many ideas and a good foundation. We build and test prototypes with you, your colleagues and professionals from our network. If necessary, we change the mode of action.

  • Events and festival: Together we create the framework for an evening with performances, tours and new formats, always with music, drinks and food. It’s still your museum, but you’ve never seen it like this before. That's how you make young friends who will stay with you for a lifetime.

  • Co-Creation as Think Tank, we use Design Thinking as a tool. We show you how you can work with it and how it becomes more and more part of your DNA.  We test on-site, with respect for your performance and the history of the house. Always with an open visor and open ears for everyone involved.

  • Brand Identity: Showing, sharing and experiencing values with storytelling: You can't buy trust and you have to live values. If your target group can experience your culture, this creates trust. We support this with our networks in the arts, at universities and in the creative industries.

  • We give away ideas because they are the raw material for innovation. And our Toolbox is full of them. We are happy to support you in the implementation.