What does culture mean for young people?

Pioneer project amuze

With the project amuze we turn museums upside down.

In a collaborative, iterative process, we develop innovative formats, projects and offers together with the people that are in charge of museums. Everything is geared to the visitors, especially the young target audience. What works well is pushed forward - what doesn't work is discarded.

amuze is supported by Engagement Migros.

Photographer: Mathieu Guirard

amuze Toolbox

The amuze Toolbox is an overview curated by us with proven, innovative ideas for museums - collected worldwide.

We scout the most interesting projects for museums around digital communication, gamification, events, mediation and other areas. With the aim that cultural institutions can reach more young people. Let yourself be inspired by good practices and start with our instructions, step by step.

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Fondazione Prada

We used the quiet time after the great success of the opening of the reconstruction in Largo Isarco in Milan in 2015 to come together with the management team of the museum. Our common task: to secure strengths, build on successes and strengthen the mindset for constant challenges. This means that the Fondazione Prada keeps a safe spot in the fast lane.

If you are interested in our strategy consulting, send us an email.

Gewerbemuseum Winterthur

Design is everywhere. And we love it. But what is the task of an “industrial” museum in the 21st century? To master the challenges of a complex world, we need materials science and process knowledge. Not only to show content, but to make it accessible and usable. In co-creation with the makers of the Gewerbemuseum, we approach this. No safety net and no double bottom - with a spirit of research and curiosity.

Picture: Gewerbemuseum Winterthur / Michael Lio

The 4 Cs in the museum

The museum is the best complement to the classroom to convey the skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. We design extracurricular learning in such a way that everyone can benefit from it: pupils, teachers and museums.

We initiate and support cooperation between museums and teachers, enabling new formats to be developed, tested and implemented.

Picture: Appenzellerland Tourism AI

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